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  • August 1999

Mr. Chong Foo Shin is an Associate Consultant to Enviro-LIFT Services Sdn Bhd and also a Director/Principal Hydrogeologist of CFS Groundwater Management Services. Mr. Chong is a Fellow of the Institute of Geology of Malaysia.

He has over 25 years of research and working experience in the field of mineral exploration, engineering geology, hydrogeology, and environmental geology during his tenure in the Department of Minerals and Geoscience (Geological Survey of Malaysia).

He retired as the Director of Mineral Resources in the Department in 1994. Since leaving the government service he has remained active as geoscience consultant in the private sector.

Name / Qualifications / Position

Field of Expertise & Experience

Mr. Chong Foo Shin

  • BSc(Hons) Geology UNSW
  • DUC Hydrogeology University College
  • MSc Hydrogeology London University
  • Hydrogeologist Consultant
  • Geological/Hydrogeological study and evaluation for Geotechnical and Groundwater investigations
  • Geological/Hydrogeological input for EIA studies and water resources evaluation
  • Water well design and development
  • Aquifer testing and evaluation

Major Projects Undertaken / Clients Supported

  • Conducted numerous geological/hydrogeological investigations for geotechnical purposes in Selangor including hill slope development in Ulu Kelang and mud flow problem in Genting Highlands
  • Provided significant geological/hydrogeological inputs to a number of EIA studies including the SMART project, Malacca Land Reclamation Project, Mega steel project, E-Village project and the Sepang Power Plant project
  • Carried out groundwater investigation and water well drilling in various parts of the country including Kuala Baram in Sarawak, Lahat in Perak and Kota Kemuning in Selangor

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